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Wild Food: Daisies

Daisies on a foraging walk in Cornwall

As a young child I sat with my friends on thesoft grass near my house. Surrounded by daisies (Bellis perennis) we dared each other to eat one. I remember munching away on the texture of this weed and feeling very naughty. I never told anyone.

Fast forward a couple of decades (or so) I discovered it wasn't 'wrong' to eat a daisy as they're actually good for you! In this blog I share when to eat daisies, what they're good for, where to pick them, who should eat them (and who should avoid them) and also when to be cautious and not eat daisies.

A single, common daisy flower on a foraging course

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2 comments on “Wild Food: Daisies”

  1. Love the daisy chain song and the photos of doggy decoration . So wish there wasn't so much weed killer stuff around ... making it hard to be sure of daisy's within a city scape.. Ok in own garden space . Gorgeous photos!!

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