Rachel Lambert: forager, author, guide

Environmental Policy

I am committed to taking relevant measures to ensure the protection of the environment & to minimise any negative impact. This will be achieved through my own internal business structures and raising awareness through literature, advertising, on walks and events.

Guidelines for Foraging for Wild Food

When teaching about wild food, I advocate the following guidelines:

  • Identification - if in any doubt, do not pick the plant, some plants are poisonous and can be detrimental your health. It is useful to cross-identify plants through reference books and/or with a wild food expert.
  • Pollution - pick away from road sides and from potential sources of pollution. Pick plants above knee height to avoid contamination from dog pee.
  • Respect Nature - do not pick rare plants or plants from SSSI sites, and only pick where a plant is an abundance. Where there is an abundance you can pick between 10-30% of the plant, though only as much as you need or can use
  • Laws - It is illegal to dig up roots on public land, or on private land without permission from the owner


Walks and events are linked to public transport routes wherever possible and car sharing is also encouraged, please ask if you need a lift. For 6 years I ran my business over 90% by public transport. Nowadays life has got too busy to sustain this, and I use a car or occasionally, bike or train.

Administration/Paper Work

All my publicity and leaflets is printed on 100% recycled paper/card. Using recycled paper completes the cycle of usage and recycling waste paper. It also uses less energy and chemicals than producing new paper.

Local Community

I support local businesses and organisations wherever possible through cross-promoting and linking events and walks to local community projects or businesses.


I am a member of CoaST ; The Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project which works with everyone involved in tourism in Cornwall to ensure tourism delivers social, economic and and environmental benefit for all, as well as a fantastic holiday for all our visitors.

I am a member of the Association of Foragers, an international community of foraging professionals with a clear code of conduct.

Health and Safety

  • I have been CRB checked and eligible to work with children and vulnerable adults.
  • I have an up-to-date First Aid and Food and Hygiene cetificate.
  • All public walks are risk assessed beforehand or when not possible, during the walk

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