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6 (half a dozen) Alexander Seed recipes

Identifying alexander seeds and leaves on a foraging course in Cornwall

Alexander seeds are an amazing spice, known for their peppery, aromatic tang with a hint of bitterness. An unusual flavour when bitten into, sometimes it's hard to know how to use these seeds. Here I share 6 of my best recipes for Alexander seeds.

1. Alexander seeded bread

A beautifully wild seeded bread recipe. Alexander seeds add a wonderful aromatic flavour and is perfect served with wild pesto from my Wild Food Foraging Book, great with Rock samphire salsa verde or even with kelp hummus from my Seaweed book.

2. Raw cacao and alexander truffles

Delicious and wild date-rich energy balls infused with the myrrh-like scent of alexander seeds. These are quick to make and a wonderful adult treat.

3. Alexander and orange shortbreads

Buttery, melt in the mouth shortbreads, with a tang of Alexander seeds and orange – scrumptious! The combination of orange and the bitter of alexander seeds is a winning combination.

4. Alexander and lemon drizzle cake

Looking like a poppy-seed cake, the slight bitter of the seeds go nicely with lemon, especially if you prefer a sweeter edge to your treats.

5. Alexander seed and chocolate truffles

Truffles get people excited; they feel special and luxurious. I love the crisp outer and soft inner of these chocolate truffles with the Alexander seeds playing on the pleasure of bittersweet.

Alexander and coconut vegan ice cream

Everyone agreed that this is a divine, non-cream ice cream. Vegan, delicious and personally, I must put it back in the freezer to stop myself eating it all.

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