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Why I love Stinging Nettles (A little film footage!)

I've been teaching foraging for a while now (over 10 years), and I've just come across some old film footage of me introducing stinging nettles (Urtica dioica). Oooh, we were all younger then, weren't we!

Nettles remains one of my favourite wild greens, especially in spring, and as I write this (in April), I'm enjoying nettles most days, in soup, cake, pakoras, tea or doughnuts - yes doughnuts, more on that later!

For ideas of how else to use nettles, do have a look at my Stinging Nettle blog, in particular you want to read this one; A Dozen Ways to Eat Nettles, or come along on a wild food foraging course where I share all this and more.

As you can imagine, I've learnt a fair amount over the years, and love to share what I know. There is plenty to say and learn about the humble nettle, from recipe ideas to health benefits, to worldwide uses.

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