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Foraging for edible seaweeds in Cornwalll

Ever thought about foraging for your own seaweed but not sure how to start?

In Spring 2021 I was asked to write a blog for Seasalt Cornwall clothing company on just that - Foraging for Seaweed. As a seaweed forager and author of an award-winning book on Seaweed foraging in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, this topic is right up my street, or gully, or channel.

Seaweed gathering in Cornwall on a seaweed foraging course

A Guide to Seaweed Foraging

In this blog you'll find tips on;

  • How to start
  • How to harvest seaweeds sustainably
  • My 3 favourite seaweeds

You can read the full blog here; A Guide to Seaweed Foraging. If you'd like to find out more about seaweed foraging, check out my seaweed foraging courses and my seaweed book.

Thank you Seasalt for asking me to write this and for the opportunity to model some of your fantastic clothes too!

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