Seaweed Foraging Course Cornwall

Seaweed Foraging Course Cornwall

Kelp, laminara digitata, oarweed
Group seaweed foraging
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Seaweeds are fascinating, diverse and nutritionally rich. I teach up to 20 different seaweeds (though am learning more all the time), and you may want to take a look at my award-winning seaweed book which includes lots of photos and step-by-step recipes too. Seaweed courses usually involve less walking, though more challenging terrain (i.e rocks and wet surfaces!),

I teach across a range of beaches, each personally selected by me for its diversity of seaweeds as well as being a wonderful venue in its own right.


Course outline and what to expect:

    • 3 hour course with tasters
    • Walking, standing in or around (wet feet is not obligatory) rock pools and the sea at low tide
    • 8-10 seaweeds covered
    • Guidance on seaweed identification, safety, seasons and how to harvest and pick
    • Tried and tested suggestions on cooking seaweeds and recipes
    • How to dry and store seaweeds
    • Nutritional and medicinal information (where known, please note I am not a Medical Herbalist)
    • Guidelines on the legal side of harvesting seaweeds, including a Seaweed Harvesting Handout.
    • Opportunity to buy a signed copy of my Seaweed book/s.
    • Wild seaweeds tasters – I will pre-make tasters that incorporate seaweeds, which we will enjoy during the course, e.g. one of the following;

– seaweed hummus and seaweed bread
– hot spicy seaweed broth
– seaweed crackers and wild garlic and seaweed dip
– sweet seaweed cookies or meringues


TO BOOK: please go to the seaweed course calendar page.

Dates for seaweed courses 2020:

12th Jan | 14th Feb | 11th Mar | 10th Apr| 9th May | 5th June | 5th Jul | 24th Jul | 20th Aug | 30th Aug | 19th Sep | 18th Oct  | 15th Nov  | 17th Nov

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