Seaweed Foraging Course Cornwall

Kelp, laminara digitata, oarweed
Group seaweed foraging
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Seaweeds are fascinating, diverse and nutritionally rich. I teach up to 20 different seaweeds (though am learning more all the time), and you may want to take a look at my award-winning seaweed book which includes lots of photos and step-by-step recipes too. Seaweed courses usually involve less walking, though more challenging terrain (i.e rocks and wet surfaces!), courses labelled 'adventurous' are even more of this!

Each course covers;

  • 8-12 seaweeds
  • Seaweed identification, picking, cooking and processing tips, including how to dry and store seaweeds
  • Lots of recipe suggestions and tips, plus nutritional and medicinal information (where known)
  • Homemade, handpicked, local and wild seaweeds snacks/tasters
  • Legal, sustainability and safety guidelines.
  • Opportunity to buy a signed copy of my book/s.


Dates for seaweed courses 2018: 2nd Feb | 4th Mar | 20th Apr | 18th May | 17th Jun | 13th Jul | 13th Aug | 9th Sep | 26th Oct | 9th Nov

TO BOOK: Courses are 3 hours long, to book and review the range of courses, please go to the seaweed course calendar page.