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Pineapple Weed and Pineapple Jam Recipe

Homemade, wild pineapple weed preserve by forager Rachel Lambert

Sticky, fruity and floral, this jam pairs pineapple weed flowers with pineapple fruit to make a highly addictive mixture! Perhaps it is more of a pineapple weed preserve rather than a jam. Anyhow, it is delicious!

The flavour of pineapple pervades every spoonful, but I swear that it is more from the weed than the fruit. I use tinned pineapple for this recipe and it works brilliantly, though you can use fresh if you have some to hand.

Gorgeous blended with yoghurt or use as a sweet layer in these unique Pineapple Weed Flapjacks, which also happen to be vegan.

Picking Pineapple Weed Flowers

Check out my blog on Pineapple Weed to find out where to find this aromatic plant, its benefits and how to identify it.

I suggest using scissors to cut the flowering tops - it'll will save you time and mean you can leave the stalks on the plant.

Pineapple Weed and Pineapple Jam

Perhaps an obvious combination, though equally unusual and utterly divine! You can use dried pineapple weed instead (just use 1/4 of the weight and make up the rest with water). I'll also tried making this with the contents of camomile tea bags! The result was unusual, pleasant, but not half s nice as this one.

The full recipe for Pineapple Weed Preserve is in my book 'Wild and Sweet' (page 127) along with 4 other pineapple weed recipes and 99 more wild desserts.

How to use this jammy creation

I simply love this swirled through yoghurt with a dash of extra pineapple weed syrup. It's a really treat for breakfast or as an easy dessert. It's also gorgeous in this flapjack recipe with a divinely fruit centre or blended into baked tarts. All these recipes are featured in my Wild and Sweet recipe book.

Want to know more?

Pineapple weed is one of the edible plants I teach on my foraging courses during summer. If you like this recipe, feel free to browse my wild food blog for more.

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