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Nettle Energy Balls Recipe

Making nettle energy balls

I love making these, they're so easy and utterly scrumptious. Unfortunately my dog discovered he liked them too (when left alone in the kitchen with them). So now I have to make, then hide them, and the dog is now sleeping the whole lot off!

Sleeping lurcher dog on sheepskin rug
Paddy dog after eating 12 nettle energy balls (highly ill-advised!)
These are for humans, not dogs! He did recover BTW.

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11 comments on “Nettle Energy Balls Recipe”

  1. Hi Rachel

    I love your blog about nettles. I live on a farm in South Yorkshire and we have so many nettles in the fields and I have been itching to use them but shied away from using them after reading a blog elsewhere about the side effects of them before the benefits. But after finding your site for the elderflower recipes I thought I would revisit. When it stops raining I am going nettle collecting with thick gloves and scissors in hand to make the powder and I would like to make the energy balls but I can not seem to find the recipe and ingredients?
    I would also like to put you in touch with my sons girlfriend who is doing permiculture at Eden they live near Lostwithel

    1. Oh fantastic! Just pick the non-flowering ones. This might also be helpful when not to eat nettles and here's the link to the energy balls recipe. You'll have to become a member to access it (really low-cost and unsubscribe at any time), as I can only afford to create so many free posts each month. Let me know how you get on!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I AM logged in but still can't access the nettle energy balls recipe. There are just two photos but no instructions. Can you help?

    1. Hi Clare, ah, I see the problem. Yes I'll sort this out but it may need to wait till Monday. Really sorry, my mistake and thank you for highlighting this.

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