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Japanese Knotweed Frangipane recipe

Slices of homemade frangipane with foraged ingredients

This Japanese knotweed recipe is good, I mean really good. It is possibly my favourite recipe with this plant, though I do love using it several ways.

The Japanese tend to use this ingredient for savoury recipes, as it's packed with umami flavour. I prefer taking it sweet to match its sour tones.

I know you may be dubious - after all, Japanese knotweed, aka American bamboo, donkey rhubarb, fleeceflower, Sally rhubarb is normally a plant that is feared due to its ability to break through concrete and render homes unsaleable. Though it is also an amazing food!

You can read more about this amazing plant in my blogs; Eating Japanese knotweed and Tricks for making Japanese knotweed edible. Meanwhile, here's the recipe....

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2 comments on “Japanese Knotweed Frangipane recipe”

  1. Would love to try this, but sadly the only place I know where I can get Japanese Knotweed is near The Gurnards Head, or Zennor in Cornwall.

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