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How to Make Wild Infused Honey

Jar of rose infused honey

The perfect antidote to screen-time: I love watching as the sunlight shines through this golden nectar, and as I tip it upside down, seeing how the honey plummets towards gravity, while the herbs lift towards the heavens.

Watching a jar of herb-infused honey is better than netflix for me, well actually, netflix has never had any weight in my life, until lockdown came along. Oh well.

Herbal-infused honey

What more does a woman need?! Well perhaps a spoonful of this medicinal and pleasurable herbal honey once in a while, straight from the jar. A spoonful of it in herbal tea or drizzled in salad dressings or over cakes. It surely is soothing and pure.

Makes 1 jar


  • 225 ml local mild and runny honey
  • 2 heaped tbsp dried petals, leaves or stems*

Take a couple of spoons of honey out of the jar and using a small wooden honey spoon or wooden chopstick stir in the chopped herbs and coat well in the honey. Add the rest of the honey and seal the jar. Label, date it and tip every day or when you remember for a couple of weeks before straining it through a fine muslin cloth or similar and decanting it into a clean jar.

*Suitable wild herbs are yarrow (leaves, stems and flowers), rose petals, gorse, mint or pineapple weed flowers. The plant needs to be completely dry for this recipe.

How to dry herbs

I dry my herbs by leaving them spread out over a clean surface in a warm, sunny room. You can also dry them in an airing cupboard, dehydrator or at the lowest temperature in the oven for several hours.

Plants like yarrow - with their long stems - I dry by loosely tying the stems together and hanging them upside down in a warm place.

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