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Spring foraging is all about edible greens, oh and some edible flowers! Find out which wild shoots and leaves to harvest, how to find, cook and prepare them. Brought to you by an experienced foraging teacher who loves the vitality and nutritional goodness that this season brings!

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Wild Food: Common Vetch
Foraging for 4 Different Wild Mints
Wild Food: Wood Sorrel family
Wild Food: Daisies
Foraging for Sorrel in a Field
Japanese Knotweed Frangipane recipe
Wild Food: Violets
Sweet Violet Viennese Whirls
Crystallising Wild Flowers
Alexander Filo Tarts
Wild Food: Ground Ivy
Wild Food: Hairy Bittercress
How to Make Nettle Powder
Nettle Energy Balls Recipe
3 Ground Elder Sugar Recipes
Ground Elder Shortbread Recipe (vegan)
Are White Bells Edible?
Dahl with Wild Hogweed Shoots
Nettle and Wild Garlic Pakora Recipe
Wild Food: Magnolia petals
Foraging for Spring Hogweed Shoots
Cherry Blossom Syrup
Can you eat blackthorn flowers?
Three cornered leek water biscuits Recipe
Wild Herb Butter Recipe
Tricks for making Japanese Knotweed edible
All about Three Cornered Leek
How and When to Harvest Green Seaweeds
The Best Gorse Flower Ice Cream Recipe
5 Reasons to Eat Dandelions
Wild Green Sorrel Tart
Gathering from Hedgerows rather than Shopping Aisles
The Best Seaweed for Setting Panna Cotta
Making Nettle Beer
My Wild Back Yard
Pear and Hogweed Cake (vegan gluten-free version)
Hogweed Shoots in a Cake!
Wild Spring Farinata Recipe
Eating Japanese Knotweed
The Best Nettle Syrup Recipe
Nettle and Honey Cake with Gorse Flower Syrup
Why I love Stinging Nettles (A little film footage!)
Making Nettle Pakoras (with Nettle Song)
It's Cornish Nettle Soup Time!
Pickled Rock Samphire Recipe
What's Wild, Yellow and Subtle?
A Day in the Life of a Forager
Rock Samphire Salsa Verde
Three Cornered Leek Bread
A Dozen Ways to Cook a Stinging Nettle
Wild Garlic and Seaweed Oil (inspired by Nathan Outlaw)
Gorse Flower and Sargassum Seaweed Foccacia
How and Why to Cook with Alexanders
Foraging Video: Pennywort and Why Children are Good Foragers
My Five Top Spring Wild Foods
Forage and Cook: Alexanders
Delicious Sea Spinach and Coconut Soup
A Hearty Snack - Savoury Alexander Muffins
Alexanders and Three-Cornered Leek Frittata
Delicious Nettle and Honey Cake
Comfrey, to eat or not to eat?
Alternative Wild and Superior ‘Asparagus’
Mad March Spring Foraging
I’m in Love with Nettles!
Plant inspired Poetry - Common Sorrel

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