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BODYNature Courses

‘A heart disconnected from nature becomes hard’

A series of short courses to explore and delight in the innate intelligence of nature; both inside and outside your body. Enabling you to become more present to yourself and the environment around you. Based on science and direct experience, courses include; mindful body-awareness, walking meditation, touch and movement, facts and intuition. The focus will be on gentle nourishment and acceptance, time together and individually, in stillness, movement and perhaps even play.

We will mainly be indoors in a warm, comfortable studio, with some significant time outdoors in nature.

Suitable for; Anyone wishing to connect to themselves or the natural environment - you may love the outdoors, be a yogi, a health practitioner, an environmentalist, or just somebody who wants to feel more alive and part of a whole.

Size of Group: 4-12 persons
Cost: £50, including shared lunch

Upcoming events

See calendar for more information and to book.

Sun 18th Nov 2018 - Bones|Core|Nourishment

We will connect to the bones of our bodies and the ancient bones of the earth; stone. Your bones are living and blood full; receiving and storing nourishment deep within your bone marrow. The bones are at the core of your being, can conjure up a satisfying sense of stillness, and a healthy sense of self. Connecting to your bones can increase these valuable qualities and provide an internal anchor as you engage with the world.

Sat 19th Jan 2019 - Cells|Rest|Ease

We will learn to connect to ourselves and the world through cellular awareness and relearn how to be, rather than do, and be, while doing. The trillions of cells within each of us are where healing happens, and the essence of all cells is deeply restful and restorative. Ease and graceful living can be the gifts of connecting to both the gravity and lightness of your cells, as you watch the stillness in the sleeping, wintery, natural world.