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Body and Nature Retreat Days

An opportunity to reconnect to your body and nature, and feel restored and nourished through the autumn and winter months.

About Retreat Days

Body and Nature Retreat Days aim to align you with the innate intelligence of your own body and the world around you. The days are based on mindfulness body awareness, combined with nature awareness, and informed by the sensitive practice of somatics. Soma means to 'experience the body from within' and is a profound way to connect to the inner landscape of your body.

Each retreat day will include; Gently paced awareness exercises, time indoors and outdoors, in stillness and movement, appropriate scientific, anatomical and physiological knowledge and personal experience. There will also be an optional shared walk, a tiny, tiny bit of foraging and shared food.

Why Retreat Days?

These days came about from my own love and training in the body and natural world, and the positive impact this has had on others and myself. Benefits may include;

  • Increasing your understanding and support of your own body
  • Feeling more connected, nourished, well and alive
  • Learning to listen to the innate intelligence of your body and nature
  • Rediscover the interconnectedness of all life, and how to tap into it
  • Experiencing your body as part of nature and how they support each other
  • Each retreat also has specific benefits related to the focus on that day, e.g. lungs, heart, bones and cells (see below)

Who are they for?

Retreat days are suitable for anyone wishing to connect to them selves and the natural environment; to receive and engage in a nourishing day, paced with movement, food, stillness and walks. You may already have your own practice in yoga or mindfulness, be a health practitioner, an environmentalist, or just somebody who needs a break and some food for your body and soul.

Size of Group: 4-12 persons
Cost: £55, including shared lunch
Each retreat day can be attended as a one-off, or as part of an annual sequence.

What to Bring;

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring a blanket and cushion (there are also chairs available), socks are also good as the indoor space is shoes off (though there is under floor heating). Please bring layers of clothing, and suitable clothing and footwear for outdoors. Bring something to share for lunch (there will also be a communal dish provided).

Upcoming events

See calendar for more information and to book.

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 - Lungs|Breath|Environment

We will connect to the process of breathing; the presence of the lungs and their life capacity, and how air connects both our internal and the external world we live in (taking in oxygen created by plants and breathing out co2 for the benefit of plant life). The fullness of your breath can reflect the degree that you are engaging with life, and your capacity to let go. It can be the place of grief, sadness and feeling positively sated of life. Through compassionate awareness and attention, you can learn to support your body's respiratory function, which in turn supports the trees, plants and marine algae.

Sun 23rd Sept 2018 - Heart|Connection|Vitality

We will connect to our own hearts, each other's and the heart of the earth itself. The heart is the organ of love, joy and vitality; an involuntary pump that sends oxygenated blood around the body to nourish all of the body's cells. It has a particular connection to the eyes and hands, as you reach towards another, towards the world. Its powerful magnetic field is stronger than that of the brain, enabling it to have a significant impact on the rest of your body and the environment surrounding it.

Sun 18th Nov 2018 - Bones|Core|Nourishment

We will connect to the bones of our bodies and the ancient bones of the earth; stone. Your bones are living and blood full; receiving and storing nourishment deep within your bone marrow. The bones are at the core of your being, can conjure up a satisfying sense of stillness, and a healthy sense of self. Connecting to your bones can increase these valuable qualities and provide an internal anchor as you engage with the world.

Sat 19th Jan 2019 - Cells|Rest|Ease

We will learn to connect to ourselves and the world through cellular awareness and relearn how to be, rather than do, and be, while doing. The trillions of cells within each of us are where healing happens, and the essence of all cells is deeply restful and restorative. Ease and graceful living can be the gifts of connecting to both the gravity and lightness of your cells, as you watch the stillness in the sleeping, wintery, natural world.