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Medlar Muffin recipe
Raw Medlar Tart (vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)
How to use Medlars
Hogweed Seed Meringues
Blackberry Seeded Bread recipe
White Chocolates with Rosehip Fondant
Baked Apples with Rowan and Chestnuts
Rowan and Apple Jelly
Alexander Seed and Orange Shortbreads
Coconut and Alexander Seed Ice Cream
6 (half a dozen) Alexander Seed recipes
Alexander Seeded Chocolate Truffles
Wild Food: Common Vetch
How to use Wild Carrot Seeds
Wild Carrot Song (1st verse)
A Walk along the Shoreline with forager Rachel Lambert
A Guide to Seaweed Foraging
Quick hogweed seed custard pots
12 (one dozen) Elderflower recipes
Glazed Orange and Elderflower Cake
Apricot and Elderflower Sweet Bread
Elderflower and Sea Salt Ice Cream
Elderflower Jam Tarts (Scandi-style)
Elderflower and Pear Jam
Wild Mint Sorbet and Wild Mint Ice Cream Recipes
Foraging for 4 Different Wild Mints
Hemlock Water Dropwort
Fishy (Vegetarian) Seaweed dip
Wild Food: Wood Sorrel family
Wild Food: Daisies
Foraging for Sorrel in a Field
Japanese Knotweed Frangipane recipe
A Day Off Foraging!
Rosehip and Buckwheat Crackers
Wild Food: Violets
Sweet Violet Viennese Whirls
Crystallising Wild Flowers
Burdock Beer Recipe
Alexander Filo Tarts
Rustic Wild Carrot Seeded Stuffing recipe
Wild Herb Stuffing Recipe
Wild Food: Ground Ivy
Foraging Burdock Roots
The Benefits of being in the Great Outdoors
Caramelised Sugared Almonds with Hogweed Seed
Sticky Sloe and Nut Clusters
Sloe Syrup Recipe
Wild Food: Hairy Bittercress
Cleaver Coffee Chai Recipe
How to Make Wild Cleaver Coffee
Sticky Rowan Marmalade Pudding
Rowan Marmalade Recipe
Elderberry and Chocolate Souffles
Elderberry Cordial Recipe
Wild Wakame Seaweed
How to make Rosehip Syrup
Haw Berry and Star Anise Jam Recipe
Making and Using Blackberry Seeds and Pulp
Rich Blackberry Cordial Recipe
Blackberry Seed, Buckwheat and Seaweed Crackers
Gorgeous Sea Buckthorn Frozen Cheesecake Recipe
Sea Buckthorn and Carrot Cake Recipe
Foraging for Sea Buckthorn Berries
Sea Buckthorn Curd Cup Cakes Recipe
Raw Alexander and Cacao Truffles
Rustic Gorse and Oat Cookies
Wild Mint and Coconut Fridge Cake
Popweed, Bladders and Healthy bellies!
8 Edible Umbellifers
Pineapple Weed and Pineapple Jam Recipe
Chewy and crumbly pineapple weed flapjacks (vegan)
Pineapple Weed - the amazingly, fruity weed!
Wholesome Hogweed Seed Biscuits
Sipping Yarrow Herbal Tea
Wild Summer Pizza (with 4 wild toppings)
Plaintain Seed Cracker Recipe
Pink Elderflower and Rose Cordial
Fresh, Raw and Sweet Rose Preserve
Can you eat pink elderflowers?
Nature-made, wild island seaweed salt
Eat Wild: Free Foraging Zine!
How to make capers from nasturtium seeds
Elderflower and Strawberry Jam Recipe
Elderflower Fritters - savoury or sweet?
How to Make Nettle Powder
Moreish Elderflower Doughnut Recipe
Body as an Antenna
Nettle Energy Balls Recipe
3 Ground Elder Sugar Recipes
Ground Elder Shortbread Recipe (vegan)
Are White Bells Edible?
Dahl with Wild Hogweed Shoots
Nettle and Wild Garlic Pakora Recipe
Wild Food: Magnolia petals
Foraging for Spring Hogweed Shoots
Cherry Blossom Syrup
Can you eat blackthorn flowers?
Three cornered leek water biscuits Recipe
Wild Herb Butter Recipe
Seaweed and Pumpkin Seed Crispbreads
Tricks for making Japanese Knotweed edible
All about Three Cornered Leek
How and When to Harvest Green Seaweeds
The Best Gorse Flower Ice Cream Recipe
5 Reasons to Eat Dandelions
Wild Green Sorrel Tart
Dandelion Root Caramel Brittle
Nori, Rye, Oat and Buckwheat Crackers
Nori Seaweed Foccacia Recipe
Sweet Wilds: A forager's confession
Gathering from Hedgerows rather than Shopping Aisles
Experiencing Your Body as Part of Nature
Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe
All about Laverbread
Wild Apple Curd Recipe
Burdock Roots in 3 Simple Recipes
Hawthorn Berry Schnapps
Winkles for Tea
Getting Intimate with Wild Foods
Ten Sloe Fruit Recipes
Baba Ghanoush with Dulse Seaweed
Sloes Song
Hawthorn Berry Ketchup
Summer Foraging Memories
Wild Alexander Seeded Bread Recipe
Green Olive and Seaweed Tapanade
Delicious Blackberry Jam Recipe
Yarrow Flower Creme Brulee
Ling, Tea and Cornish Folklore
Make your own Wild Moorland Tea
A Humble Cup of Wild Fermented Tea
Wild Fennel Flavours for Summer
Fresh and Easy Seaweed Bread for Picnics
The Best Seaweed for Setting Panna Cotta
Fresh Pea and Seaweed Dip
A Quick and Creamy Elderflower Layered Sponge
Making Nettle Beer
My Wild Back Yard
Pear and Hogweed Cake (vegan gluten-free version)
Hogweed Shoots in a Cake!
Wild Spring Farinata Recipe
Eating Japanese Knotweed
The Amazing Bushy Rainbow Wrack Seaweed
The Best Nettle Syrup Recipe
Look what the storm threw up!
Nettle and Honey Cake with Gorse Flower Syrup
Why I love Stinging Nettles (A little film footage!)
Making Nettle Pakoras (with Nettle Song)
It's Cornish Nettle Soup Time!
Learn to Forage through Songs
Western Morning News, March 2019
The Lessons of Making Gorse Flower Fudge
Gorse Flower Rice Pudding
Drying Dulse Seaweed at Home
Wild Seaweed and Chocolate Meringue Recipe
Pickled Rock Samphire Recipe
What's Wild, Yellow and Subtle?
Wild Food Foraging in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly - 3rd Reprint has arrived!
The Singing Forager
A Sea Spaghetti Recipe - Cheese Straws with Seaweed
A Day in the Life of a Forager
Foraging as a Way to Feel Connected
Elderberry and Apple Jelly Recipe
Still got Blackberries in the freezer? Try this!
Foraging: Free Gifts, Freely Given
Winter Creamy Alexander Soup (vegan)
How to Forage Shellfish Safely
Carrageen Seaweed Cough and Cold Syrup
The Seaweed Forager - A Podcast with Rachel Lambert
The First Frost and What it Means for Us and Wild Fruits
Wild Singing - Rock Samphire Verse
Tasty Dulse Seaweed Soda Bread (Gluten-free)
Taking Care of the Elders
Wild Bilberries in Cornwall
A Forager's Dog - Paddy foraging Blackberries
Wild Fennel Seed Bunyols
Dear Miss Blackberry
Traditional Blackberry Cobbler Recipe
Summer Virtues of Stinging Nettles
Rock Samphire Salsa Verde
How to Make Wild Rose Water
Roses are Red, White, Pink and Edible
How to be Wild and Free (inspired by Virginia Woolf)
Why Cornwall is Special for Foraging
Three Cornered Leek Bread
How and When to Pick the Best Elder Flowers
Perfect Beach Food: Carrot, Ginger and Seaweed Salad
Take it To the Edge - Seaweeding for Adventurers
When NOT to Eat Stinging Nettles
What Can You Forage on the Helford?
2 Billion Old Seaweed and Still Tasty!
A Dozen Ways to Cook a Stinging Nettle
How to Make Gorse Scented Butter
Wild Garlic and Seaweed Oil (inspired by Nathan Outlaw)
Gorse Flower and Sargassum Seaweed Foccacia
How and Why to Cook with Alexanders
A Memorable Winter Foraging Menu
Foraging Video: Pennywort and Why Children are Good Foragers
Can Seaweeds Survive the Frost and Snow?
Foraging for Gorse Flowers in Winter
My Five Top Spring Wild Foods
Forage and Cook: Alexanders
Three Seaweed Soup with an Inner Kick
Delicious Sea Spinach and Coconut Soup
How I got into Foraging
Winter Warming Sloe Treacle Tart
Hawthorn Berry Fruit Leather
Edible Storm Debri; Sugar Kelp Seaweed
Rosehip and Custard Tart
LAUNCH: New Seaweed Book
A Hearty Snack - Savoury Alexander Muffins
Cod with Creamy Shellfish and Wild Spices
1st Foraging Book for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
Foraging, Yoga and a Paleo Diet
Alexanders and Three-Cornered Leek Frittata
Foraging on the South West Coast Path
What if Everybody Foraged?
Delicious Nettle and Honey Cake
Valentine Foraging and Rosehip Chocolates
Why Cornwall is a Great Place to Forage in Winter
Foraging Muppets-style
Mackerel and Blackberry Salad
Elderflower Cordial and Elderflower Sorbet Recipes
Comfrey, to eat or not to eat?
Corporate Foraging
Alternative Wild and Superior ‘Asparagus’
Making coffee from cleaver/goosegrass seeds
Wild Swimming & Christmas Chocolates
Wild Apple Curd and Hogweed Seed Meringue Pie
Making Rosehip Fruit Leather
Wild Berries in Austria
Catching the last of the Elderflowers...
Foraging on the Isles of Scilly
Mad March Spring Foraging
I’m in Love with Nettles!
Plant inspired Poetry - Common Sorrel

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