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About Rachel Lambert BA, MA, IBMTdip

Forager, Award-Winning Author and Guide

I have been teaching foraging since 2007, have published 2 foraging and cooking books, one won a National Gourmand Cookbook Award, and my first book (Wild Food Foraging in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) has just been reprinted for the 4th time (it initially sold out within months). My background and qualifications are in education and health promotion and environmental education (Bristol and Devon), and I worked for several years within community nutrition in west London.

I have been studying plants since my childhood and luck had it that I met several prominent and highly skilled foragers in my twenties; the rest is history. My love of plants initially came from family walks, camping holidays and precious, idle hours in the garden.

I was brought up on home-cooking and outdoor adventures, and plenty of bored hours in-between where my imagination was allowed to flourish. Foraging has brought together many things I love; walking, nature, plants, food, well-being, the senses, nature awareness and creative cooking. Although perhaps my twenty-year-old self wouldn't have been able to articulate it quite like that - I just loved it, and still do. What I love more, or equally, is passing these skills onto others.