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About Rachel Lambert BA, MA, IBMTdip

Wild Food Tutor, Forager, Award-Winning Author, Wild Recipe Creator, Nature Facilitator and a Singing Forager

Foraging by the river and in the woods

It was over 25 years ago by an old, crumbling, Devonshire stone-wall that my wild food journey truly began. My friends drew me closer and introduced me to Pennywort growing snugly in that wall - it quenched my thirst and tasted as fresh as peas – and my world changed forever.

In 2007 I set up Wild Walks South West and started to teach others about pennywort and 50, then soon 100+ other edible wild plants and weeds. Foraging is the glue that brings together the things that I love; nature, good food and people.

I have learnt from many skilled nature teachers and previously worked within the arts, health and environmental education and community food projects (1993-2006). It was here I discovered my passion for facilitating groups of adults and children from all walks of life.

It’s not just about wild food… My training in somatics (soma means to experience the body from within), nature awareness and meditation has given me 25 years’ experience to bring another valuable layer to your foraging adventure. Helping me develop a mindful approach to foraging including how to pick sensitively and ethically – something very dear to my heart.

In 2015 I published my first book on foraging and cooking – it sold out within 6 months. I created a second, one year later focusing on edible seaweeds and it won a Gourmand World Cookbook award in the category of Fish! My aim with both books was to make them practical and useful for you, both have over 90 photographs and step-by-step recipes.

Making nettle and honey cake

In Spring 2022 my foraging and cookbook Wild and Sweet - forage and make 101 seasonal desserts - was launched. This book is a celebration of the pleasure of gathering wild food and transforming them into delicious sweet treats. With a self-confessed sweet-tooth, I've been working on this book for a long time and am so delighted to at long last see it in print.

You may also find me singing my heart out (if no one’s listening) on cliff tops and beaches and occasionally sharing one of foraging songs on courses. It is a new love; that makes me, the plants and others smile (or so I’m told!).To me, foraging is a fun and enlivening way to appreciate the environment and access to fresh, seasonal food. It's also an excuse for outdoor adventures, as well as quirky and labour of love investigations in the kitchen. I hope to share some of this journey with you.

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