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About Rachel Lambert BA, MA, IBMTdip

Forager, Award-Winning Author and Guide

Teaching foraging since 2007.

I came to foraging late in life, well, in my early twenties; I was introduced to a small plant growing in a wall with a thirst-quenching taste and I was hooked. Foraging brought together many things I loved; walking, nature, plants, food, the senses, nature awareness and creative cooking. Although perhaps my twenty-year-old self wouldn't have been able to articulate it quite like that - I just loved it.

In 2007,  I felt I knew enough to start sharing it with others. I have always loved teaching, and through evolving careers (community food and nutrition, environmental education, outdoor play-work, and arts and crafts practitioner) I have always found a way to facilitate learning. Since these organic beginnings, I have taught thousands of people and published two books on foraging and cooking.

For me, foraging is many things, although in essence it's a fun and enlivening way to enjoy and appreciate the environment, access fresh and seasonal food, provide an excuse for outdoor adventures, as well as offering quirky and labour of love investigations in the kitchen.