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16th October 2019
Ten Sloe Fruit Recipes

I love sloes. I love their flavour, colour and goodness. I love that they're so common and easy to find. I'm not so keen on their thorns. Sloes are the fruits of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) and have been used for thousands of years by humans as food. But what did they do with them? […]

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3rd March 2021
A Day Off Foraging!

A short video about foraging in Autumn and talking about how I got into foraging, the benefits and how to get started. This was a fun video to make on a rainy, Cornish morning and is perfect if you're new to foraging. Discover my answers to the following general questions about foraging; How did I […]

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26th November 2020
Sloe Gin Chocolate Cake

A decadent, sloe gin-soaked chocolate cake with sloes laced through the cake in three different ways. This recipe was requested on several of my foraging courses (I do go on about lots of my favourite wild recipes) so here it is! You'll first need to make your sloe gin (recipe in my Wild Food Foraging […]

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19th November 2020
Sticky Sloe and Nut Clusters

These are scrummy, gooey, sweet, sticky and crunchy clusters of sloes and nuts! What's more, they're made using the leftover fruits from making sloe syrup. Here cooked sloes are incorporated seamlessly into these rustic, vegan fruit and nut clusters. They're definitely a favourite ! First make the sloe syrup (which you can use for my […]

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19th November 2020
Sloe Syrup Recipe

This thick syrup is reminiscent of tart plums, with a background of dry sloes and the strong flavour of dark sugar. It's gorgeous drizzled over porridge. Though I love it the most in my Sloe Treacle Tart recipe - where that dryness disappears completely! Don’t forget to keep the leftover sloes aside though for Sloe […]

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3rd April 2020
Cherry Blossom Syrup

It is possible to taste, drink in and immerse yourself in Spring in so many ways. This morning I was standing under my friend's flowering cherry tree, enjoying the floppy bunches of blossoms and their subtle scent. This afternoon I'm making a Cherry blossom syrup and I'm sharing the recipe with you. Cherry trees typically […]

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3rd April 2020
Can you eat blackthorn flowers?

It is Spring and the gorgeous white blossoms of Blackthorn have appeared. These early Spring flowers are a welcomed sight and appear before the leaves. As the saying goes; you can eat anything once! Here I explore the edibility of blackthorn flowers (Prunus spinosa), their flavour and potential benefits, plus a step-by-step recipe. I was […]

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25th November 2017
Winter Warming Sloe Treacle Tart

A dark, rich, and wonderfully fruity treacle tart. Hearty for the colder months with a beautifully crumbly, oatmeal pastry. I love this one as an afternoon snack or as a warm, filling dessert served with cream. This recipe was inspired by Swedish and German friends of mine making sloe syrup. I tried it myself, tweaking […]

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26th December 2012
Wild Swimming & Christmas Chocolates

Everyone has there own traditions for Christmas Day. For me, I'm satisfied  if I'm in good company, have a dip in the sea & there's a healthy amount of indulgence. Down here in Cornwall I've plenty of people to share these common themes with; least of all bracing the elements & stripping off on the […]

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