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20th August 2020
Gorgeous Sea Buckthorn Frozen Cheesecake Recipe

This is actually a really simple cheesecake recipe, and contains no eggs or cream, just full-fat mascarpone cheese. Combining my beloved stem ginger with the tart richness of swirled sea buckthorn syrup, this dessert has been discussed over dinner many a time. Is it a frozen cheesecake, an ice cream or a sorbet on a […]

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20th August 2020
Sea Buckthorn and Carrot Cake Recipe

Orange fruit and vegetables go together, right?! I was looking to make a moist cake, glazed with sea buckthorn juice or syrup and my mum recommended this wholemeal carrot cake recipe. I've tweaked it to make it wild and even more delicious, and I love the result! Read all about the goodness of sea buckthorn […]

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20th August 2020
Foraging for Sea Buckthorn Berries

Sea Buckthorn berries, or Sea Berries Hippophae, Hippophae rhamnoides (Elaegnaceae) There's nothing like foraging for your own wild berries, especially when it's combined with a walk along the coast, plus they're a nutrient rich super fruit! Even the colour of sea buckthorn berries are a vibrant pick-me-up. Where do sea buckthorn berries grow? Here in […]

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17th August 2020
Sea Buckthorn Curd Cup Cakes Recipe

The wonderful tart flavour of Sea Buckthorn berries, also known as Sea berries (Hippophae, Hippophae rhamnoides) lend themselves perfectly to making a rich, creamy curd. Think lemon curd but with more richness and depth of flavour - you'll just have to try this one! First, you'll need to extract the juice from the berries (I […]

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3rd March 2021
A Day Off Foraging!

A short video about foraging in Autumn and talking about how I got into foraging, the benefits and how to get started. This was a fun video to make on a rainy, Cornish morning and is perfect if you're new to foraging. Discover my answers to the following general questions about foraging; How did I […]

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12th February 2018

Testimonials Hi Rachel many thanks for the foraging course last Wednesday, we really enjoyed it and Dave and the boys have already been back to forage bladder rack, Irish moss and pepper dulce and made some soup! He cooked and added it to a carrot based soup!  - all made up! Cathy, Cornwall Just wanted […]

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