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16th July 2018
Roses are Red, White, Pink and Edible

I love to stop and smell the roses, I love to eat them, cook and garnish with them too. See my wild rose water recipe and rose petal preserve recipe.  Which Roses are Edible? All rose petals are edible and both wild and cultivated roses can be used, though please see my tips for picking […]

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25th February 2021
Wild Food: Violets

Violets Viola (Violaceae) Violets have been recorded in recipes since the 16th century, their smell is very evocative of sweets or perfume for many. Edible violets are a delight visually and soothing for the body. For me, carpets of purple, blue-violet coloured flowers with heart-shaped leaves, these low growing plants have a strong presence. Easier to spot […]

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24th February 2021
Crystallising Wild Flowers

Crystallised flowers and petals are an attractive way to preserve flowers out of season, or prolong their use in season. Flowers candied in this way can last well for several months. This traditional method is a little fiddly and detailed, which suits some people. I find the effect is worth it, but a session once […]

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22nd June 2020
Pink Elderflower and Rose Cordial

Nature isn't always subtle and for good reason. Colourful petals draw a bee towards a flower's nectar-filled centre, a bright white tail of a rabbit confuses its predator during a chase, a colourfully feathered bird attracts a mate. Colour is one of the first things my eyes register when I'm given a drink or a […]

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19th June 2020
Fresh, Raw and Sweet Rose Preserve

I used to walk round my Granny’s garden and smell the roses, my sisters and I used to snap off her runner beans and eat them raw too. Luckily for Granny, I didn’t know that roses were edible then, though I still love to stop to smell them, whether in a park, someone’s garden or […]

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17th May 2019
My Wild Back Yard

People often assume I live in the countryside with a beautiful garden, which isn't entirely true. Yes, I do live in Cornwall, 3 minutes walk from the sea, though I also live in Penzance town and have a small Cornish backyard rather than a garden. Myth broken! I love my town house and from the […]

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16th July 2018
How to Make Wild Rose Water

I love roses, and of course they are also one of the many symbols of love. Here in the UK we have several wild varieties and the cultivated ones are, almost, infinite. After a hot, sunny day, I particularly love to be overcome by the scent of roses; the evening aroma of rose and other […]

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5th February 2014
Valentine Foraging and Rosehip Chocolates

Here I share a deliciously wild and decadent chocolate recipe using foraged rosehips. Tart bites of red flesh in a rich, dark chocolate. I use fresh Rosa rugosa fruits for this recipe, but you could use rehydrated rosehip fruit leather. I first made this recipe for a Valentine's Day foraging course I led at Men-a-Tol. […]

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