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30th September 2020
How to make Rosehip Syrup

Gathering rosehips to make your own rosehip syrup is a great way to provide a vitamin C rich drink for you and your family. You can also use dried, bought, or frozen rosehips for this recipe. This recipe is based on a traditional rosehip drink, and was inspired by the method shared in Roger Philip's […]

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5th November 2018
The First Frost and What it Means for Us and Wild Fruits

Depending where you are in the country, the first frost might have been and gone weeks ago. If the temperature has already plummeted, you may have seen fruits of sloes, rosehips, rowan berries, haws and maybe even blackberries covered in a crisp and magically frosted outer. Cornish Frost - Myth or Reality? Here in West […]

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5th February 2014
Valentine Foraging and Rosehip Chocolates

Valentine's Day is not everyone's cup of tea, so if you prefer walking boots to roses do read on! Personally I like to indulge in some love & decadence as well, be it with friends, family or a partner. For a few years now I've been leading a foraging walk to Men-a-Tol to mark this time of […]

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29th October 2012
Making Rosehip Fruit Leather

I recently led a group of families on a foraging walk & as part of the day I provided sweet biscuits with rosehip fruit in them. I wanted to show how this fruit can be utilised in ways other than just for syrup. The biscuits went down really well, though what I didn’t provide was […]

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19th June 2020
Fresh, Raw and Sweet Rose Preserve

I used to walk round my Granny’s garden and smell the roses, my sisters and I used to snap off her runner beans and eat them raw too. Luckily for Granny, I didn’t know that roses were edible then, though I still love to stop to smell them, whether in a park, someone’s garden or […]

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17th September 2018
A Forager's Dog - Paddy foraging Blackberries

I have a foraging dog. He's called Paddy McGinity (a name I inherited rather than gifted to him), and yes, he can climb rocks and cliffs as agile as a goat. Most of the time my dog is with me on forays, while I forage and teach up to 100 different species of wilds in […]

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16th July 2018
How to Make Wild Rose Water

I love roses, and of course they are also one of the many symbols of love. Here in the UK we have several wild varieties and the cultivated ones are, almost, infinite. After a hot, sunny day, I particularly love to be overcome by the scent of roses; the evening aroma of rose and other […]

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16th July 2018
Roses are Red, White, Pink and Edible
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