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15th February 2020
Nori, Rye, Oat and Buckwheat Crackers

Nori doesn't just come in sealed packets, shipped across the world in the form of nori sheets. Nori (Porphyra) can also be picked fresh in Winter on Cornish coasts and from European waters. No plastic, no air miles, just fresh nori goodness. Freshly picked nori needs to be dried to create the same taste as […]

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13th February 2020
Nori Seaweed Foccacia Recipe

This Nori Foccacia Bread recipe was a surprising success for me! I hand-harvested some purple nori seaweed (Porphyra purpurea) here in Cornwall during Winter. Its delicate texture got me thinking that it might work well as as raw ingredient in bread. Indeed, it gave a subtle flavour and went down really well with everyone on […]

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30th November 2020
The Benefits of being in the Great Outdoors

Contribution by Jennifer Hollis People in the UK spend 90% of their time indoors, and over one third of parents feel their children are not spending enough time outside. As stated by Richard Louv (author of best-selling book Last Child in the Woods), ignoring the vital importance of nature to human health is taking its toll […]

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2nd January 2020
All about Laverbread

Laver (Porphyra) was the first seaweed I foraged and cooked. I remember my photographer friend Wendy Pye coming to visit me on my first Cornish Winter (2007). We traipsed up to the north coast and picked luscious looking laver from the rocks. I cooked it for hours and we had it on toast for breakfast. […]

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14th November 2019
Burdock Roots in 3 Simple Recipes

Here I am going to share with you recipes for three, quick savoury snacks using burdock roots (Artium lappa and Artium minus). They are simple, easy to follow and tasty. About Burdock Burdock roots are renown as a skin cleanser from acne to eczema when used externally. Hippocrates, the Greek physician know as the 'father […]

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22nd February 2019
Wild Seaweed and Chocolate Meringue Recipe

I love sweet, it is one of the flavours of my childhood. When I was growing up, Sunday lunch was always a big deal and automatically included homemade pudding as part of the experience. In autumn I remember the warm fluffy texture of the meringue topping in lemon and meringue pie, the tart lemony layer […]

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8th June 2016
LAUNCH: New Seaweed Book

SEAWEED FORAGING IN CORNWALL AND THE ISLES OF SCILLY, by Rachel Lambert (June 2016) Well, it's arrived - 104 pages of information about foraging seaweeds, including 16 seaweeds, 32 step by step recipes and over 90 photographs. Expect exciting tastes from classic recipes with a seaweed twist (Pan-Fried Fish with Sea Spaghetti) to salads with […]

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28th April 2015
Foraging, Yoga and a Paleo Diet

It is hard to make generalisations about what the appeal of foraging is for 21st century folk, already living in a pre-dominantly digital and comfortable world. There will, of course, be various reasons why people choose to seek out their own, hard to reach food when modern conveniences, restaurants and well stocked supermarkets are all […]

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