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13th November 2017
Hawthorn Berry Fruit Leather

Perfect for sluggish, cold days, this fruit leather is a fabulous pick-me-up. This recipe is definitely worth the effort, you'll have about 8 strips of fruit leather and will just need a nibble as a lift, so they last for ages! The fruit of the hawthorn tree (Crataegus monogyna or Crataegus laevigata), can be good […]

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29th October 2012
Making Rosehip Fruit Leather

Rosehips are traditionally used for making rosehip syrup, but there's so much more you can do with them. I recently led a group of families on a foraging walk and provided sweet biscuits with rosehip fruit in them. Fleshy, tart bites of red fruit nestled within a biscuit base. They went down really well! Preserving […]

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2nd March 2021
Rosehip and Buckwheat Crackers

These moreish, slightly red-tinged rosehip crackers are a winner. Made with dehydrated, wild rosehip flesh, they have a burst of vitamin C and a subtle tart tang to them. How to make rosehip crackers To make them I used my rosehip fruit leather (a great way to store and snack on the goodness of rosehips). […]

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28th September 2020
Haw Berry and Star Anise Jam Recipe

I love this sweet, smoothly textured, wild hawthorn fruit jam and it went down a treat with participants on my autumn foraging course too. Read on to recipe! Haw berries - the fruits of the hawthorn tree (Crataegus monogyna) - have long been used as medicine in the East and West, as well as used […]

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4th September 2020
Making and Using Blackberry Seeds and Pulp

Technically this is fruit and seed fruit leather! Although I'm a forager by trade, in my heart I'm still an artist that loves to be creative. For me, wild food is a natural material to play with, use well and not waste. So when I make blackberry cordial or blackberry coulis and am left with […]

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13th February 2020
Sweet Wilds: A forager's confession

I have a confession: a sweet and wild one. I can’t help myself, there’s something about the combination of foraging and sweetness that is irresistible to me. Give me any wild food and I automatically look at how I can make it into a dessert or sweet treat. Call it a specialism, a strength, or […]

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12th November 2019
Hawthorn Berry Schnapps

Schnapps is a flavoured and distilled alcoholic drink, the flavour is often fruit, the alcohol often brandy. I came across a hawthorn schnapps recipe a couple of years ago, I can't quite remember where. I'm often looking for different recipes for the plants that I pick regularly and this sounded like a great idea to […]

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20th September 2019
Hawthorn Berry Ketchup

It's time to share this simple recipe. You'll be amazed how much it tastes like ketchup! I always think it is best to make together, as it takes some effort, though is worth it in the end. Here I share the basic recipe for turning haw berries into ketchup with no tomatoes in sight, then […]

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16th July 2018
Roses are Red, White, Pink and Edible

I love to stop and smell the roses, I love to eat them, cook and garnish with them too. See my wild rose water recipe and rose petal preserve recipe.  Which Roses are Edible? All rose petals are edible and both wild and cultivated roses can be used, though please see my tips for picking […]

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15th October 2017
Wild Food Foraging Courses

Wild Food Foraging Courses Foraging is a wonderful way to experience the landscape and connect to fresh, seasonal foods. Wild ingredients provide an amazing range of tastes which can excite beginners, seasoned foragers and chefs. Watch Rachel Lambert here on a foraging walk. Course outline and what to expect;  Homemade tasters made with wild, foraged ingredients, […]

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5th February 2014
Valentine Foraging and Rosehip Chocolates

Here I share a deliciously wild and decadent chocolate recipe using foraged rosehips. Tart bites of red flesh in a rich, dark chocolate. I use fresh Rosa rugosa fruits for this recipe, but you could use rehydrated rosehip fruit leather. I first made this recipe for a Valentine's Day foraging course I led at Men-a-Tol. […]

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