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19th July 2019
Wild Fennel Flavours for Summer

A couple of months ago I lost my sense of smell completely. My world changed and everything tasted of cardboard. Fortunately it was only a temporary loss due to a virus, though it was a fascinating and slightly scary experience. I've always known how important my senses are to me; foraging engages my vision, touch, […]

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10th September 2018
Wild Fennel Seed Bunyols

The evenings are getting cooler and it is time for bigger, fatter, more filling food, I reckon. Being by the coast I'm lucky enough to find wild fennel, and from late summer on wards I can forage a few seeds for flavouring desserts, stews and breads. I first tasted these sweet fried dough balls, when […]

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28th July 2020
8 Edible Umbellifers

The Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) family, also known as the Carrot family is a large family of plants, all with the similarity of umbels - think structure of an umbrella with a handle, spokes and canopy. There are some fantastic edibles within this family and also some deadly poisonous plants. A little foraging knowledge can be dangerous […]

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29th June 2020
Wild Summer Pizza (with 4 wild toppings)

Nothing beats homemade pizza, it's quick and easy to make and just requires a little planning. Let's face it - pizza is all about the toppings, so here I share some ideas to turn your pizza wild to enjoy the foraged flavours of summer!

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23rd May 2020
Nettle Energy Balls Recipe

I love making these, they're so easy and utterly scrumptious. Unfortunately my dog discovered he liked them too (when left alone in the kitchen with them). So now I have to make, then hide them, and the dog is now sleeping the whole lot off! I love these so much I've created two versions for […]

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28th March 2020
Wild Herb Butter Recipe

This is so easy and a great way to use wild herbs and smother baked potatoes, toast, fish or anything you wish with foraged goodness. The butter can either be used within one week or frozen and sliced as needed. When to make herb butters Spring is often when an abundance of herbs appear and […]

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2nd September 2019
Summer Foraging Memories

My memories of Summer are, inevitably, interlaced with foraging. Plants and food, namely wild food, has long been an integral part of my life. One that I choose not to live without. Earlier on in Summer I wrote about keeping things simple and shared easy ways  I turn picnics and barbeques into events with a […]

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26th April 2019
The Best Nettle Syrup Recipe

I recently went out for a meal at a restaurant and they had wild nettle cordial on the drinks menu. Ooh, as a forager with a soft spot for 'sweet' I just had to try it. I must say, I was disappointed. I even asked for an extra dash of cordial so I could taste […]

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30th July 2018
Rock Samphire Salsa Verde

'You just have to try that green stuff' (participant on a foraging course) Luscious wild greens; Rock Samphire (Crithmum maritimum) makes the perfect base for a Salsa Verde (green sauce) and it tastes so great that hardly anything else needs to be added. Over the years my version of this Rock Samphire Salsa Verde has […]

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12th February 2018

Testimonials Hi Rachel many thanks for the foraging course last Wednesday, we really enjoyed it and Dave and the boys have already been back to forage bladder rack, Irish moss and pepper dulce and made some soup! He cooked and added it to a carrot based soup!  - all made up! Cathy, Cornwall Just wanted […]

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5th October 2015
Cod with Creamy Shellfish and Wild Spices

I'm back on the Isles of Scilly, having survived the boat crossing once again (thank goodness my strategy is still working) and am now above board again and enjoying these beautiful islands again. It's Walk Scilly Festival time. Having led an enthusiastic group of Scilly walkers (not to be taken literally, in the funny sense […]

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6th November 2014
Foraging on the South West Coast Path

630 miles of coast line. That’s 630 miles of pathways, steps, beaches, cliffs, pebbles, sand, shingle or boulders. 630 miles of potential coastal plants, as well hedgerows, fields, even woodland growth. That’s 630 miles of varied and possible foraging ground. I’m a forager, a walker, a stalker of plants and a lover of sea views […]

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2nd April 2013
Alternative Wild and Superior ‘Asparagus’

Researching regional names of plants is a fascinating and usually an amusing pastime. Common Hogweed  (Heracleum sphondylium) is one of those plants, and as it’s now in season (april to june) I thought I’d dedicate a whole blog article to it. Inspired also by local names such as Pig Flop (an image of a pig […]

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1st July 2012
Foraging on the Isles of Scilly

Unique Island Foraging Really, like nowhere else. Sudi Pigott, food journalist and author compared Gourmet Foraging and Dining on Scilly to an experience at Noma - Rene Redzepi's  Copenhagen restaurant, which, at least twice has won best restaurant in the world awards (S. Pellegrino 50). Noma specialises in using foraged and seasonal produce and has […]

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