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5th July 2021
12 (one dozen) Elderflower recipes

Wohoo!! Elderflowers are one of the wonderful and wild flavours of summer. Over the years of foraging them I've created a lot of new recipes with them. Here I share ten of my elderflower recipes with you, just follow the links for step-by-step instructions. 1. Elderflower cordial The basis of soooo many elderflower delights. There […]

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5th July 2021
Glazed Orange and Elderflower Cake

This glazed orange and elderflower cake uses a particularly orangey version on my elderflower cordial (use 1 lemon and 2 oranges instead of following the usual 3 lemons recipe). Actually, that orangey elderflower cordial was the inspiration for this moist and luscious cake. The basic cake is based on an Italian recipe and is beautifully […]

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5th July 2021
Apricot and Elderflower Sweet Bread

Got too much elderflower cordial and don't know what to do with it all? Sick of drinking elderflower cordial and making it into cocktails? This recipe for Apricot and Elderflower sweet bread was created out of just one of those moments. Not wanting to make it too sweet I used a wholemeal brown flour and […]

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2nd July 2021
Elderflower and Sea Salt Ice Cream

It was salty lips and a refreshing, post swim sup of elderflower cordial that moved me to create this. Even as I write, in my mind’s eye I can still see the coastal horizon and taste the combination of sweet elderflower and salt. The ice cream is rather good too, and perfect if you crave […]

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2nd July 2021
Elderflower Jam Tarts (Scandi-style)

This wild elderflower recipe was a joy to discover! If you haven't tried an elderflower jam, I highly recommend it! These jam tarts were inspired by Hallongrottor - Swedish jam tarts and I based this recipe on one by Vintagekitchennotes. Traditionally these deep tarts are filled with raspberry jam - afterall, wild raspberries are abundant […]

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30th June 2021
Elderflower and Pear Jam

The light flavour of pears matches the summer scent of elderflowers perfectly in this delicious elderflower and pear jam! I've made it in jam sandwiches for participants on my summer foraging courses and bespoke forays. I also love it in my double elderflower doughnuts. So let me get straight to the point and share this […]

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22nd June 2020
Pink Elderflower and Rose Cordial

Nature isn't always subtle and for good reason. Colourful petals draw a bee towards a flower's nectar-filled centre, a bright white tail of a rabbit confuses its predator during a chase, a colourfully feathered bird attracts a mate. Colour is one of the first things my eyes register when I'm given a drink or a […]

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16th June 2020
Can you eat pink elderflowers?

Wow, they're pink! Pink elderflowers with beautiful dark purple, almost black foliage and the flowers smell like elderflowers - what a find! But are they edible? Black beauty, Black lace, Sambucus nigra, f. porphyrophylla 'Gerda' are an ornamental subspecies of Elder. Their flowers smell lemony and they're a stunner to look at! They are often bought and […]

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31st May 2020
Elderflower and Strawberry Jam Recipe

The taste of summer (elderflowers) and their medicinal, anti-viral qualities can be enjoyed in many desserts, drinks and snacks. Here I share my Elderflower and Strawberry Jam recipe, which is delicious on toast and a divine filling for my moreish Elderflower Doughnuts. This is an easy recipe for making strawberry jam from fresh strawberries. I […]

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30th May 2020
Elderflower Fritters - savoury or sweet?

Elder Flower-Head Fritters are a classic wild food recipe for these edible wild flowers. The combination of batter and a hint of elderflower is utterly delicious. What's more, you can turn them savoury or sweet and here's my winning versions with an extra light batter recipe, plus suggestions for turning them into a starter, main […]

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29th May 2020
Moreish Elderflower Doughnut Recipe

For me, Summer is about outdoor adventures, picnics, barbecues, fayres, festivals and the beach. Elderflowers are the perfect accompaniment, unless it's a festival or fayre - then it's doughnuts! Here I share my ultimate elderflower doughnut recipe - they're gorgeous! Yes, doughnuts are fayre food for me, when I’m tired and hungry from dancing it’s […]

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1st June 2019
A Quick and Creamy Elderflower Layered Sponge

It's Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) season, and the time for celebrations and desserts! I share more on Elderflowers, including how and when to pick the best Elderflowers and a recipe for Elderflower cordial and sorbet in my blog. Elderflower cordial is a great way to capture the aroma of summer.  This recipe can be made using […]

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10th July 2013
Elderflower Cordial and Elderflower Sorbet Recipes

Elderflower cordial is the ultimate summer drink, scent and medicine. As I sit here in my kitchen I'm enjoying their light, dreamy scent wafting across the room, of the ones I picked this morning. Summer foraging for elderflowers is almost as popular as blackberries in autumn, or wild garlic in spring, and all for good […]

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23rd July 2012
Catching the last of the Elderflowers...

Not much time left and many are just out of reach! Remember to take a ladder foraging with you or a good friend with climbing skills... Last Resort - I've had to resort to just picking one or two heads this time of year, and drying them for elderflower tea. You may have more luck! […]

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28th July 2020
8 Edible Umbellifers

The Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) family, also known as the Carrot family is a large family of plants, all with the similarity of umbels - think structure of an umbrella with a handle, spokes and canopy. There are some fantastic edibles within this family and also some deadly poisonous plants. A little foraging knowledge can be dangerous […]

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30th May 2020
How to Make Nettle Powder

Here I'm going to share with you how to preserve the goodness of nettles by making a nettle powder, but first, lets talk about why this is a good thing to do! All stinging nettles are edible and good for you, just pick away from sources of pollution like pesticides and car fumes. They are […]

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2nd September 2019
Summer Foraging Memories

My memories of Summer are, inevitably, interlaced with foraging. Plants and food, namely wild food, has long been an integral part of my life. One that I choose not to live without. Earlier on in Summer I wrote about keeping things simple and shared easy ways  I turn picnics and barbeques into events with a […]

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16th August 2019
Ling, Tea and Cornish Folklore

I recently visited the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle in North Cornwall. It was a humbling experience and a mixture of information about old folklore practices, wise women and men and myths and images of the 'witch'. I left with the knowledge of how lucky I am to live now, rather than several hundred years […]

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11th July 2019
Fresh and Easy Seaweed Bread for Picnics

(Organic flour, gutweed (Ulva intestinalis) and dulse (Palmaria palmata)) Picnics, according to BBC food, require planning; as much as I agree that some planning is needed, I also want it all - good homemade food and little fuss. With our erratic UK weather, sometimes an impromptu picnic is a great adventure too, though if I […]

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17th September 2018
A Forager's Dog - Paddy foraging Blackberries

I have a foraging dog. He's called Paddy McGinity (a name I inherited rather than gifted to him), and yes, he can climb rocks and cliffs as agile as a goat. Most of the time my dog is with me on forays, while I forage and teach up to 100 different species of wilds in […]

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25th June 2018
How and When to Pick the Best Elder Flowers

Pretty aren't they! And a lovely scent (as long as they haven't passed their prime, in which case they'll smell like cat pee). Though this blog isn't about the pretty things, it is about how to know when to pick elder flowers, and when to leave them. These are some of the tricks that foragers […]

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12th February 2018

Testimonials Hi Rachel many thanks for the foraging course last Wednesday, we really enjoyed it and Dave and the boys have already been back to forage bladder rack, Irish moss and pepper dulce and made some soup! He cooked and added it to a carrot based soup!  - all made up! Cathy, Cornwall Just wanted […]

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7th February 2018
How I got into Foraging

Despite being brought up in the city, my early memories are of nature; sitting in a field and talking an imaginary language, going down to see the ‘catkins’ on the tree at the bottom of the garden, and picking armfuls of bluebells to take back to my mother from the nearby wood. I seemed to […]

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