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3rd March 2020
5 Reasons to Eat Dandelions

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are a common weed that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Yet they are so good for us! Here I share 5 health benefits of eating (or drinking) dandelions. Plus tips on where to find them, as well as common mistakes with identifying dandelions and 4 simple ways to incorporate dandelions […]

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24th February 2021
A Dozen (12) Wild Violet Recipes

I've had such fun experimenting with edible violets! Their colour and aroma are a delight, if not a little elusive to pin down! So I thought I'd share my best Dozen Recipes for using Violets for sweet and savoury, complete with notes on colour and flavour. Most of the recipes I share here use sweet […]

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22nd February 2020
Dandelion Root Caramel Brittle

Sweet, crunchy and good for you. This dandelion root caramel brittle recipe is laced with the detoxifying roots of dandelions and flavoured with homemade dandelion coffee. You'll also need to look at my recipe for making good roasted dandelion coffee.¬†Alternatively, you can buy dried dandelion roots and dandelion coffee at health food stores or online. […]

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5th February 2020
Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

Ever thought of using your weeds to made a tasty coffee-substitute? The History of Dandelions Like many common weeds, dandelions are often vastly under-estimated, under-used and misunderstood. Despite being cultivated in parts of Britain, France and North America for over 150 years (1), they are still often considered just a 'weed' that needs eradicating. Similarly, […]

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