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5th February 2013
Making coffee from cleaver/goosegrass seeds

Last month a few hardy foragers (actually it was a lovely bright, wintery day) joined me at Cape Cornwall for a wild food walk with tasters. At a welcomed break we sat down with a large flask of 'Wild Spiced Cleaver Coffee'. The drink went down well - sweet, hot and naturally containing some caffeine, […]

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29th October 2020
Cleaver Coffee Chai Recipe

The inspiration for this drink... I first went to India in my twenties and quickly got addicted to the wafting scent of freshly made chai served on street corners and eateries. I remember the coffee too – sweet and weak - it was a constant disappointment to my strong coffee loving boyfriend at the time! […]

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26th October 2020
How to Make Wild Cleaver Coffee

Over the centuries many different grains and plants have been used as an alternative or substitute for coffee. In the 2nd World War acorns and chicory were used. Roasted rye, brown rice and malted barley have also been used across the world. These are Cleaver seeds, Goosegrass (Galium aparine), sticky grass or sticky willy - […]

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5th February 2020
Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

Ever thought of using your weeds to made a tasty coffee-substitute? The History of Dandelions Like many common weeds, dandelions are often vastly under-estimated, under-used and misunderstood. Despite being cultivated in parts of Britain, France and North America for over 150 years (1), they are still often considered just a 'weed' that needs eradicating. Similarly, […]

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2nd May 2013
Corporate Foraging

  From a Simple Guided Walk, to Rustic Cooking or Gourmet Dining   Foraging for Business is something we all have to do from time to time, you’ve guessed it - the diverse skills learnt in a day’s foraging are transferable & more importantly, can be learnt in an informal, non-pressured way. Recently, when leading […]

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