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11th December 2020
Foraging Burdock Roots

Burdock Arctium lappa, Arctium minus When the cold starts to hit and autumn is on the cusp of winter I go in search of burdock roots. Long tap roots that help detox the body. After all, it's roots time of year isn't it. Wild burdock roots are a good addition to the potatoes and nourishing […]

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14th November 2019
Burdock Roots in 3 Simple Recipes

Here I am going to share with you recipes for three, quick savoury snacks using burdock roots (Artium lappa and Artium minus). They are simple, easy to follow and tasty. About Burdock Burdock roots are renown as a skin cleanser from acne to eczema when used externally. Hippocrates, the Greek physician know as the 'father […]

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1st February 2021
Burdock Beer Recipe

A light, rooty homemade beer, with the distinct flavour of burdock roots. Made in just a week or two, some call it a slightly alcoholic, fizzy drink rather than a beer. I'll leave you to decide. Alongside dandelion roots, burdock roots have been used to flavour drinks since at least the 1200s. I think it's […]

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