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4th September 2020
Blackberry Seeded Granola Recipe

I'm so pleased with this wild and wonderful recipe for serveral reasons - It means I can have a wild, healthy breakfast everyday It uses the waste from making blackberry cordial and blackberry coulis It utilises blackberry seeds that are rich in omega 3 and 6 I love granola but it's often heavy with sugar […]

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4th September 2020
Making and Using Blackberry Seeds and Pulp

Technically this is fruit and seed fruit leather! Although I'm a forager by trade, in my heart I'm still an artist that loves to be creative. For me, wild food is a natural material to play with, use well and not waste. So when I make blackberry cordial or blackberry coulis and am left with […]

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31st August 2020
Rich Blackberry Cordial Recipe

This blackberry cordial is divine, with a deep flavour. Use for hot or cold drinks, drizzled over hot porridge, over chocolate cake, over baked cheesecake, or mix with whiskey. I'll be sharing these recipes later on. The secret is in letting the blackberry juices release and not adding any additional water. That way you are […]

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31st August 2020
Blackberry Seed, Buckwheat and Seaweed Crackers

These roasted buckwheat, blackberry seed and seaweed crackers are wild! I've been tweaking this recipe for a while and it is my favourite version yet. They're a little pink, or is it red or mauve, created by the addition of dried blackberry pulp and dulse seaweed. They are perfect for serving with my Baba Ganoush […]

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30th August 2019
Delicious Blackberry Jam Recipe

Ahhh, blackberries (rubus fruticosus), our native super fruit, so full of flavour, fibre, vitamin C and K. Pretty much everyone knows blackberries, actually it is blackberries that makes many people a forager, yes, if you've picked and eaten wild blackberries you are a forager! I love to pick and munch these wonderful fruits as I […]

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16th August 2018
Dear Miss Blackberry

    Miss Blackberry, are you winking at me? Flashing your juicy smile my way. How can I resist your deep colouring and shiny curves dotting the prickly hedgerows. And how can I decipher your sweetness from your sour sisters and under-ripe brothers?     It's hard to know isn't it. Hard to know which […]

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8th August 2018
Traditional Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Full of irresistible flavour, in a British pudding kind-of-way, with no awards for appearances. A cobbler is a baked dish made with fruit and batter, it’s stodgy, filling and easy to make. Just as satisfying as bread pudding, using blackberries as a flavouring makes it a classic for September. Oh, September has ended? Well, your […]

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21st September 2013
Mackerel and Blackberry Salad

Blackberries - everyone knows them, everyone forages them. Blackberries make everyone a forager, and what a perfect fruit to be picked. Growing in abundance, and packed with vitamin C and fibre, this humble fruit unites cities, waysides, hedgerows, countryside and wasteland through their presence, it even connects us all back to the Stone Age, as […]

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3rd March 2021
A Day Off Foraging!

A short video about foraging in Autumn and talking about how I got into foraging, the benefits and how to get started. This was a fun video to make on a rainy, Cornish morning and is perfect if you're new to foraging. Discover my answers to the following general questions about foraging; How did I […]

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2nd March 2021
Rosehip and Buckwheat Crackers

These moreish, slightly red-tinged rosehip crackers are a winner. Made with dehydrated, wild rosehip flesh, they have a burst of vitamin C and a subtle tart tang to them. How to make rosehip crackers To make them I used my rosehip fruit leather (a great way to store and snack on the goodness of rosehips). […]

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13th August 2020
Raw Alexander and Cacao Truffles

As a wild cook, sometimes I hit upon creating a new recipe that works first time, I mean, really works. This recipe was one of those. It uses Alexander seeds (Smyrnium olusatrum) which is one of my favourite wild spices. Meanwhile, here's my Alexander seed bread recipe, while we're at it! Alexander seeds has an […]

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16th August 2019
Make your own Wild Moorland Tea

As August has been unfolding I have been sneaking up to the moors and delighting in the tinges of purple, pinks and yellow as the heath-land takes on its late-summer coat. Bell heather  (Erica cinerea) is the first to appear with her larger purple bell-shaped flowers. Followed by heather, also known as Ling (Calluna vulgaris) […]

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26th March 2019
It's Cornish Nettle Soup Time!

It is spring, the time for going nettling!   I wait and wait for this moment in spring. Last week I passed a huge patch of stinging nettles (urtica dioica), looking all lovely and ready to pick. It's hard to explain, but when they're really ready their presence changes, they become more vibrant looking and […]

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14th December 2018
Still got Blackberries in the freezer? Try this!

I am so excited because I just found a bag of blackberries at the back of my freezer. I thought I'd used them all, though no! I haven't. These will be perfect for making a yummy dessert, and it is party food time of year, isn't it?! I could say a lot about blackberries (Rubus […]

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12th February 2018

Testimonials Hi Rachel many thanks for the foraging course last Wednesday, we really enjoyed it and Dave and the boys have already been back to forage bladder rack, Irish moss and pepper dulce and made some soup! He cooked and added it to a carrot based soup!  - all made up! Cathy, Cornwall Just wanted […]

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1st July 2012
Foraging on the Isles of Scilly

Unique Island Foraging Really, like nowhere else. Sudi Pigott, food journalist and author compared Gourmet Foraging and Dining on Scilly to an experience at Noma - Rene Redzepi's  Copenhagen restaurant, which, at least twice has won best restaurant in the world awards (S. Pellegrino 50). Noma specialises in using foraged and seasonal produce and has […]

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