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6th April 2021
Japanese Knotweed Frangipane recipe

This Japanese knotweed recipe is good, I mean really good. It is possibly my favourite recipe with this plant, though I do love using it several ways. The Japanese tend to use this ingredient for savoury recipes, as it's packed with umami flavour. I prefer taking it sweet to match its sour tones. I know […]

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27th March 2020
Tricks for making Japanese Knotweed edible

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is considered a very invasive weed in many parts of the world, including across Europe. Here I share tips on how to turn this invasive plant into a tasty food, including information on how to do this safely and legally. I share the when, how, what and why of cooking and […]

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7th May 2019
Eating Japanese Knotweed

I love to eat weeds. Many weeds are edible, abundant and available as food if we just knew, or remembered, how to use and cook them. Invasive plants are also great to eat. I always think; why curse something when you could be eating it and benefiting from its abundance? In Spring, many weeds are […]

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16th July 2014
What if Everybody Foraged?

Our culture is predominantly one of fear mongering - the newspapers & media are full of it, keeping many in business as we seem to thrive on the flight-fight instinct of protect & defend. Funny really, as so many of our predators are extinct, our fears could justifiably be considerably reduced. More recently the fear […]

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