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12 (one dozen) Elderflower recipes

Summer foraging course picking elderflowers with Rachel Lambert

Wohoo!! Elderflowers are one of the wonderful and wild flavours of summer. Over the years of foraging them I've created a lot of new recipes with them. Here I share ten of my elderflower recipes with you, just follow the links for step-by-step instructions.

1. Elderflower cordial

The basis of soooo many elderflower delights. There is a reason why elderflower cordial is popular; it's divine, light, summery and full of anti-viral, health-giving properties too!

2. Pink elderflower and rose cordial

This pink elderflower cordial is fun with the scent of elderflowers and rose. It's made using pink elderflowers - did you know you could use these as well?!

3. Elderflower fritters

Elderflower recipes don't have to be sweet. These elderflower fritters can be sprinkled with icing sugar or served with soy sauce and lemon for a savoury twist.

4. Elderflower and strawberry jam

Made with sun-ripened strawberries, this homemade elderflower and strawberry jam is luxurious!

5. Elderflower and pear jam

Pear is the perfect level of sweetness and flavour to help show off elderflower cordial in this pear and elderflower jam. I love it in the centre of my elderflower doughnuts too!

6. Elderflower doughnuts

These elderflower doughnuts are such a treat! Freshly made, filled with elderflower and pear jam (above) and dipped in an elderflower glaze - definitely worth celebrating.

Afternoon tea with foraged Elderflower doughnuts in Cornwall

7. Elderflower and glazed orange cake

A moist and dense cake glazed with orange slices simmered in elderflower cordial. This elderflower and glazed orange cake is a wonderful addition to summer desserts.

8. Elderflower jam tarts (Scandi-style)

I'm really proud of these Swedish style elderflower jam tarts. Filled with my favourite pear and elderflower jam. They're better than any jam tart I had as a child!

9. Creamy elderflower layered sponge (quick)

Made using sponge fingers, this a quick, creamy, elderflower fruity, layered sponge. Perfect for impromptu gatherings.

10. Elderflower and sea salt ice cream

Another creamy dessert, this elderflower and sea salt ice cream was inspired by sea swims followed by supping elderflower cordial.

Elderflowers from a foraging course used in a homemade ice cream recipe

11. Sweet elderflower and apricot bread

A little sweet, a little wholesome, this elderflower and apricot bread is sweetened with elderflower cordial and sticky, black dates.

Homemade bread made with foraging elderflowers and shared on a foraging course

12. Elderflower tea!

Let's never forget tea! Elderflower tea is good for colds and flu as it's anti-viral. Just use a teaspoon of dried flowers per person, leave to brew for 10 minutes then strain. You can use fresh flowers, just fork them off the stems first and discard the stems.

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