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Articles and TV

BBC South West, Making the sea a supermarket - the art of seaweed foraging Sept 2017

Country Walking Magazine, Don't Pack it, Pick it! Sept 2017 (PDF)

Going Wild

Cornwall Life, Super Seaweed, Jan/Feb 2017 (PDF)

Cornwall Life

West Magazine, Going Wild, February 2017 (PDF)

Going Wild

Western Morning News, Winning Weed, January 2017 (PDF)

Winning Weed

Cornwall Living, Rich Pickings, September 2016 (PDF)

Cornwall Living

MyCornwall, Seaweed the Cornish Superfood, August 2016 (PDF)

Seaweed Superfood

Western Morning News, Harvesting the Shoreline, June 2016

The Cornishman, Book Review, June 2016

The Cornishman, Book Review, June 2016 (PDF)

Western Morning News

A slice of paradise , Cornwall Living, April 2016

Western Morning News, Scilly fish, seaweed and chips, April 2016 (PDF)

Western Morning News

,Cornwall Living, Shoreline Suppers, July 2105

The Cornishman, A Feast for a Forager, July 2015

The Cornishman

Fresh View, Autumn 2015 (PDF)

Fresh View

Cornwall Living, Shoreline Suppers, July 2105

The Cornishman, July 2015

The Cornishman

Cornwall Today, Spring 2015 (PDF)

Cornwall Today

'Blackbird Pie Magazine, Spring 2015 (PDF)

'Blackbird Pie Magazine

Cornwall Today, Wild Thing, February 2014 (PDF)

Cornwall Today

Cornwall Today, Wild Food Walks, August 2013 (PDF)

Cornwall Today

Western Morning News, First search for your dinner on the cliffs - next go home & cook it, July 1st, 2013

Western Morning News

Tresco Times, Annual 2013

Tresco Times page 1 Tresco Times page 1

Cornish Guardian, Pick Gourmet Grub, Mar 2013

The Lady, Forage for your Dinner, Mar 2013

Sainsbury's Magazine, April 2013

Sainsburys magazine

Foraging with Chefs, Cornish Guardian, March 2013

Cornish Guardian

Foodie Adventures in the Alps, Austrian Alpine Club, Spring 2013

Austrian Alpine Club Austrian Alpine Club

The Cornishman, Feb 2013

Walk magazine

JUNO A natural approach to family life, Spring 2013

Walk magazine Walk magazine

Walk, Magazine of the Ramblers, Spring 2013

Walk magazine Walk magazine Walk magazine

Country Living Magazine, October 2012

Country Living magazine Country Living magazine

The Sunday Times, October 2012

The Sunday Times, October 2012

Fork Magazine, Sept-Oct 2012

Fork magazine Fork magazine Fork magazine

The Huffington Post, July 2012, Travel Eye: Spent a wonderful weekend in Cornwall

The Lady, April 2012

The Lady magazine

Independent on Sunday, April 2012

Independent on Sunday

Daily Mail, January 2011

Daily Mail

Rachel on ITV's This Morning click on image to watch video

Rachel on This Morning

Condᅵ Nast Traveller, August 2011

Condᅵ Nast Traveller Magazine

The Lady Magazine, June 2011
Foraging for Wild Food. Click here to read online

Daily Express, May 2011

Daily Express article Daily Express article

Cornwall Today Magazine, May 2011

Cornwall Today Magazine - Page 1 Cornwall Today Magazine - Page 2 Cornwall Today Magazine - Page 3

St Ives Times & Echo, June 2010

St Ives Times and Echo article

The Independent, April 2010

The Independent - Top spring days out

Country Walking Magazine, April 2010

Country Walking agazine - Page 1 Country Walking magazine - Page 2

Link to Article in Smallholders Magazine GROW YOUR OWN HARVEST, Dec 2009 www.smallholder.co.uk

Country Walking Magazine, Oct 2009

Country Walking Magazine

The English Garden, Aug 2009

The English Garden Magazine - Page 1 The English Garden Magazine - Page 2 The English Garden Magazine - Page 3

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Winter Warming Sloe Treacle Tart

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I only wish we could have gone on for hours - several people said the same! Charlotte

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Seaweed Foraging Course With Tasters - Fri 2nd Feb, 11am-2pm

Coastal/hedgerow Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 17th Feb, 10am-1pm

Nature And Body Retreat Day ~ lungs/breath/environment - Sat 3rd Mar, 10-5pm

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