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Confidence through Inspiring Forays in Nature

With Forager & Wild Food Guide Rachel Lambert, as seen on This Morning ITV, in The Daily Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday, The Ecologist, The Daily Express & more...


You really can learn to identify wild foods for yourself. You could walk across fields, along hedgerows and onto beaches and forage along the way. Even cook up amazing feasts, wow your family and friends, with just one small wild ingredient, or an array of dishes infused with fresh flavours.

Here at Wild Food Foraging, Rachel Lambert prides herself in offering accessible and hands on foraging experiences, introducing the wonders of wild food foraging to all ages and abilities.

Whether you're a beginner or a keen novice, I will open up a new world of plants, wild ingredients, recipes and health benefits for you to enjoy. Available across the South West and West Country, from Isles of Scilly and Cornwall to Bristol.

Through excellent guidance, you too can experience first-hand how to identify, use and enjoy a wide range of edible plants. I offer;

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Alexander Muffins

A winter foray, a cloudy day and a hearty snack along the way. Once identified correctly, Alexanders are easy pickings in a Cornish winter – abundant, a good size and many a land owner are happy for you to pick this invasive. This recipe was enjoyed on last weekend’s EARLY SPRING FORAGING COURSE. Alexander Muffins [...] read more

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Alexander Muffins

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Rachel Lambert is a relaxing person to be around, with boundless knowledge of the most plentiful hedgerows. Sudi, Daily Express

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Spring Foraging Course With Tasters - Sun 5th June, 2-5pm

Seaweed Foraging book Launch & Signing - Tues 21st June, 6-8pm

Coastal Foraging Course With Tasters - Sat 25th June, 2-5pm

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